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At Dynamis Engineering, we offer comprehensive Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection (MEPF) design services for infrastructure and buildings. Our experienced team of engineers and professionals ensures that your project meets all necessary standards while maximizing energy efficiency and sustainability.


Preliminary and Conceptual Design

  • Feasibility studies and system selection

  • Load calculations and equipment sizing

  • Energy modeling and analysis

  • Code compliance and regulatory review

Detailed Design and Documentation

  • Mechanical system design (HVAC, refrigeration, etc.)

  • Electrical system design (power distribution, lighting, etc.)

  • Plumbing system design (water supply, drainage, etc.)

  • Fire protection system design (sprinklers, alarms, etc.)

  • Equipment schedules and specifications

  • Construction drawings and details

  • Cost estimation and budgeting

Coordination and Collaboration

  • Multi-disciplinary coordination with architectural and structural design teams

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) integration

  • Clash detection and resolution

  • Value engineering and design optimization

Construction Administration

  • Shop drawing and submittal review

  • Site inspections and system testing

  • Commissioning and performance verification

  • As-built documentation and final reporting

Post-Occupancy Services

  • Energy audits and benchmarking

  • System optimization and retrofitting

  • Preventative maintenance planning

  • LEED certification and sustainability consulting

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