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Abstract Architecture


At DYNAMIS, we offer a comprehensive range of facade design and engineering services to ensure the aesthetic and functional success of your building project.

Conceptual Facade Design

Creating innovative and visually striking facade concepts that complement the architectural vision and fulfill project requirements.


Material Selection and Performance Evaluation

Analyzing the best-suited materials, finishes, and systems to achieve desired aesthetics, performance, and sustainability goals.

Structural Analysis and Design

Ensuring the stability and integrity of the facade through detailed structural analysis and design, including wind load calculations, thermal performance analysis, and seismic assessments.


3D Modeling and Visualization

Utilizing advanced 3D modeling software to create realistic renderings and visualizations for better understanding and communication of the facade design.


Detailing and Documentation

Preparing comprehensive construction drawings, specifications, and schedules for the facade system, including all components and connections.

Performance Simulations and Optimization

Conducting simulations to analyze and optimize the facade's performance in terms of energy efficiency, thermal comfort, daylighting, and acoustics.


Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Developing and managing detailed BIM models for the facade system, ensuring seamless coordination and integration with other building systems.


Value Engineering and Cost Analysis

Identifying opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements without compromising the design intent or performance levels.


Coordination and Interfacing with Other Disciplines

Collaborating with architects, structural engineers, MEPF engineers, and other consultants to ensure a well-coordinated and integrated building design.

Construction Support and Site Supervision

Providing technical assistance during the construction phase, including shop drawing review, site inspections, and quality control to ensure the facade system is installed according to design specifications.

Post-Construction Services

Conducting post-occupancy evaluations and offering maintenance recommendations to extend the life and performance of the facade system.


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